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Referencia Estilo de vida
Desarrollador Jeff Maynard
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PorscheArchive: a complete description (Overview, Specification, How-to-Spot, Did-you-know, Variations) for every road-going Porsche from the first 356 through to the Panamera; PorscheArchive also includes a Porsche VIN Decoder.
Grouped by 911, other rear-engined, mid-engined, front-engined and other (SUV etc) it is very easy to find the model and year you want to check; looking at a Porsche to buy? PorscheArchive is always with you and will identify the special features and variations of every model.
AND with the built-in VIN Decoder you can verify the provenance of any Porsche from 1948 to today - just read the cars VIN code and get instant confirmation of the model type, engine type, body type, production serial number and year of manufacture!
Even if you are not looking to buy, PorscheArchive will help spot those very rare and sought-after Porsche road cars.